TJ Dixon & James Nelson - Sculptors: Cesar Chavez
TJ Dixon & James Nelson - Sculptors: Cesar Chavez


Cesar Chavez






Hispanic Advisory Council and the California State University, San Marcos Foundation


San Marcos, CA

Cesar Chavez was a simple, yet powerful man. A tribute to him had to be simple and powerful. The slightly larger than life-size portrait on the top step of the grand staircase leading up to the Cesar E. Chavez Plaza stands as a powerful figure, proud, persistent, dignified, gentle, yet immovable. The stairs are a metaphor for the hard climb in the struggle for social change and social justice.

The placement of the statue at the top of the staircase makes Cesar Chavez and his ideals the focal point for every person climbing the stairs. He stands as a symbol of great qualities such as responsibility and perseverance in the face of overwhelming circumstances. Added in a line of bronze architectural letters beneath the figure, these ideals would be summed up with Cesar Chavez’s own powerful maxim:

“Si se puede. It can be done.”